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Even though enabling printer sharing provides the options required to share a printer, there's another way to share printers. First, printer sharing needs to be turned on.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Open System Preferences. Here, you see the printers installed on your Mac.

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Select the printer you want to share. Then, check the box that says "Share this printer on the network". If you want to customize how the printer is shared, click the Sharing Preferences button.

How to Share a Printer between a PC and a Mac | HowStuffWorks

As of this writing, the current version is Bonjour 2. It also works in Windows 8. Installation is straightforward: run the setup file, agree to the terms read them, if you'd like and keep clicking Next until it's finished. Now, run the "Bonjour Printer Wizard". Make sure your Mac is up and running, connected to the network and the printer is connected and turned on. If all is well, Bonjour will automatically detect the shared printers. Choose the printer you'd like to install and click Next. If prompted, install the printer drivers. If you have the printer drivers installed on your computer already, you can choose them from the list.

If not, you'll have to locate them manually by clicking Have Disk.

Make sure that you install the proper drivers for your specific printer model, otherwise you may have limited or no printer function. After choosing the drivers, you'll have an opportunity to verify the settings before finishing the printer setup.

Click Finish if all looks good. You can print to your Mac OS X shared printer as you would on a local printer, from the Print dialogue of the program you are using. Click "OK. Click the Start menu and "Control Panel.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Click the Lock button and enter administrator credentials to allow changes. Click "Add. If you still can't access the Windows printer, click the "Windows" tab. Click "Workgroup" in the first column, then select the name of the print server from the second column. Enter a Windows administrator username and password to access the Windows printer.

Select the option to remember the password in your keychain and click "Connect. Select the shared printer from the Printer list in the left sidebar. Click the "Share This Printer on the Network" check box.

Click "Done" to allow anyone on your network access to the printer. Choose a user category, select a user and click "Select. To create a new account, click "New Person," provide user credentials and click "Create Account.

Step 1 – Configure Windows 10 for Sharing

Click "System Preferences" and click "Sharing" on any Mac that needs to access the shared printer. That's it! PS: Some departments require a special code be used to print, especially on larger copy machines. Check with your neighbor or office administrator for more information. Skip to Main Content. Adding a Network Printer on a Mac. Repeat for each Protocol setting. Make sure you and your printer are powered on and connected to the network, naturally.


Make sure your printer name address is correct. Try adding "-lw" to the end. Example, if you have "ath-copy" try using "ath-copy-lw". Try choosing " Select Software Click the Add button to continue.