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First things first, is Guild Wars 2 worth it? Since its release in , Guild Wars 2 has always been a fan-favorite. You only had to buy it once to enjoy it forever! That was already a great deal, but ArenaNet made it even better when Guild Wars 2 went free to play. On paper, the game is anything but demanding. Can you play Guild Wars 2 on Mac? We went ahead and performed our standard tests on these three machines: The results: A good MacOS port.

In spite of the rumors and complains, Guild Wars 2 runs just fine on Mac. Granted, the game is somewhat demanding, as can be seen from our MacBook Pro results, but that can be expected from an MMO. Expand to better understand performance levels For your reference, this is how we interpret the different levels of performance in frames per second:.

But what about a MacBook Pro? After all, most of us have inch MacBook Pros, which by the way, have a reputation of running games poorly. Taking into account that both of our machines have integrated graphics, Guild Wars 2 runs surprisingly well. Our MacBook Pro runs the game at a silky smooth More on that below. This is the more frequent question we receive for every game we test so we might as well get it out of the way. If you have a high-end Mac inch iMac or inch MacBook , you can expect great performance and can go ahead and bump the settings to p and use the High preset.

If you have a modern entry-level Mac MacBook Pros and iMacs from onwards , you can expect good performance similar to the Now if you have an older Mac from or below , you expect worse performance than the Which leads us to the next question. Download Guild Wars 2 for Mac Want to give it a try? That alone is reason enough to give it a try and see how much you like the world of Tyria.

Free Official Site Share:. So, I just tried again yesterday on the hardware and software below: But I admit that is divided!

Guild Wars 2 on MacBook Pro

Sure i work in a support center and users just whine and blame. But anyway the forums was filled with rants, all my friends had problems we were about 6 players all quitted for bugs.

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Information about our proxy service. Setup for the Battleping program. Contact us for a smooth ping.

Battleping forum - a place to ask and discuss our lower ping services. Guild Wars 2 Latency Guild Wars 2 Latency will cause delay when interacting with other players and computer controlled characters. Using Battleping will create an Guild Wars 2 tunnel connection between yourself and the Battleping server you have chosen. The file size was over 6mb, more than twice the file size of the old PNG screenshots. Sara Flame of Kryta. Having fun testing the new 64 bit Mac client. Thank you Anet management for allowing a native Mac client to be developed.

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To the Mac development team, you surpassed my expectations, great job!! Tried all graphic settings. Also in Black Lion preview. Things that are improved from 32 bit client: Rich and deep. Very nice. After Rotating the Camera with right mouse button, the cursor is stuck but visible on its position for about ms. The chatbox UI and everything else including text in the game, seems lower quality.

It is same in this situation for the bit. Please fix the UI and make it more HD, especially the text.

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Unable to adjust volume with mac keyboard when you first login. I found that the fix for this is when you tab out of the game then back in. Thank you so much for making the native client! One issue I have noticed so far is that after making a new character and starting the game the fps is horrible, really jerky and unplayable. But if you then exit the client and then restart it, the fps is drastically improved. Tried this a few times with different characters, same result each time.

This is a huge dealbreaker for me and a reason not to use this client. The UI and resolution on the bit client is huge and unplayable compared to the clean and small bit UI. Found a temp fix for the huge UI… I scaled the resolution of my retina macbook to its highest resolution settings… And now the game adjusts to that resolution… Not really ideal, but it works….

There is no arrow to change the price in the trading post. I personally experience terrible FPS even on settings I used in the 32 version. Also some character textures are missing when I use certain characters. Thank you, Anet! I timed several, and they averaged 1 minute 20 seconds. I missed a timed event because of this. On my above screenshots i could hardly manage to play in verdant brink without getting around fps while looking at the graphical intensive part of the map the upper canopy.

I actually managed to get better fps in the zone Ember Bay, but that zone always gave me some of the best fps in the game. In conclusion to above post, i would say that is is relatively worse to play on the newer client despite it looking better due to how poor the performance is. I welcome this testing phase of this new client!

For some reason the bit test client makes the rest of my mac run incredibly slow while GW2 is up and running in the back ground compared to the bit client which does no such thing. My dock below jaggedly reveals itself when I move my pointer to the bottom of the screen when GW2 is running in the background and scrolling up and down sites in Safari has very noticable delay.

The chat window is also super big and rigidly gives me only two spots to put it with zero flexibility.

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I experience normal delay on loading up character select and loading into kessex hills. No long load screens on this end. Out of curiousity, what technologies are you using that makes a macOS version possible, but not a Linux version? This was the same issue on the 32 bit client but I hope the 64 bit version is more stable. Thank you for your hard work and I am looking forward to play on my Mac natively and not via parallels running windows 7.

Re: Slow PC (Poor Performance) (Slow load screens) Guild Wars 2, and Arma II: DAYZ

Gamma is an issue for me due to eyesight problems. Other than that, the game loaded fine although the 30 Gig update did take some time and seems to be working. Somehow it even picked up the key-mappings I made in the 32 bit shell version much appreciated, folks — saved a lot of time.