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Follow the instructions provided in the HP software messages displayed on your computer. Media jam or carriage stall. Clear the jammed paper. For more information, see Paper Jam.

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After clearing the jam, press Resume button to continue the print job. If no paper jam exists, press Resume button. If this does not work, try turning the printer off and then on again, and resend the print job. Power light is off, Resume light blinks. Power light blinks, Resume light blinks. After pressing and holding the Cancel button for three seconds, the left and right ink cartridge lights are blinking. Ink service module is full. The replaceable ink service module holds waste ink from the black ink cartridge.

The ink service module is now full. This warranty does not cover HP ink products that have been refilled, remanufactured, refurbished, misused, or tampered with. Ink cartridge warranty information The HP cartridge warranty is applicable when the product is used in its designated HP printer.

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During the warranty period the product is covered as long as the HP ink is not depleted and the end of warranty date has not been reached. Appendix A Understand specifications for supported media Always use the correct media-type setting in the print driver, and configure the trays for the correct media type. HP recommends testing any paper before buying it in large quantities. Letter x mm; 8.

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Legal x mm; 8. Executive U. Statement B5 A5 U.

Letter U. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Appendix A this product or product family and available in English only either within the product documentation or at the following web site: www.

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Environmental product stewardship program Hewlett-Packard is committed to providing quality products in an environmentally sound manner. Design for recycling has been incorporated into this product. The number of materials has been kept to a minimum while ensuring proper functionality and reliability. Dissimilar materials have been designed to separate easily. Fasteners and other connections are easy to locate, access, and remove using common tools. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. JPEG is a standardized compression method for full-color and gray-scale images.

TIFF Library. Rev 5. Woods, derived from original work by Spencer Thomas and Joseph Orost. The original Berkeley copyright notice appears below in its entirety. Copyright c , The Regents of the University of California.

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B HP supplies and accessories This section provides information on HP supplies and accessories for the printer. The information is subject to changes, visit the HP Web site www.

You can also make purchases through the Web site. C Set up the printer for Bluetooth communication The printer allows you to print documents from Bluetooth devices without a cable connection. Simply print from a Bluetooth device such as a PDA or camera phone. You can also use Bluetooth technology to print from a computer to the printer. Set up a Bluetooth wireless connection This section describes how to set up and configure the device for a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Appendix C Use a passkey to authenticate Bluetooth devices You can set the security level of the printer to either High or Low. Any Bluetooth device within range can print to it. Low level security does not require authentication. Appendix D computer.

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  4. Make sure to remove them correctly using the uninstall utility provided when you installed the HP software. There are three methods to uninstall the HP software on a Windows computer, and one method to uninstall on a Macintosh computer. To uninstall from a Windows computer, method 1 1. Disconnect the printer from your computer. Do not connect the printer to your computer until you are prompted to do so by the HP software during the reinstall.

    Select Install. Follow the onscreen instructions. To uninstall from a Macintosh computer, method 1 1. Open HP Utility. For instructions, see Open HP Utility. Click the Application icon on the toolbar. Double click HP Uninstaller. After the HP software is uninstalled, restart the computer. F Errors Windows This list represents some of the errors you might see on the computer screen Windows and how to fix the errors. Appendix F Cartridge Problem The ink cartridge identified in the message is missing, damaged, inserted into the wrong slot in the printer, or not making full electrical contact with the printer.

    To solve this problem, try the following solutions. Solutions are listed in order, with the most likely solution first. If the first solution does not solve the problem, continue trying the remaining solutions until the issue is resolved. Pull the ink cartridge toward you, out of its slot. Doing so can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electrical connections.

    Hold the ink cartridge with the HP logo on top, and reinsert the ink cartridge. Make sure you push the ink cartridge in firmly until it snaps into place. Close the front access door and check if the error message has gone away. If the problem persists, try the next solution. The cartridge cradle cannot move Something is blocking the ink cartridge cradle the part of the printer that holds the ink cartridges. To clear the obstruction, press the printer for jams. To change the printer's status, complete the following steps.

    If the printers listed in the dialog box are not being displayed in Details view, click the View menu, and then click Details. If the printer is Paused, right-click the printer, and click Resume Printing. Try using the printer again. Index A accessibility 7 accessories warranty 70 acoustic emissions 77 after the support period 43 aligning ink cartridges 36 B battery charging 19 installing 18 recycling 18 removing 20 safety 18 battery slot 10 black and white pages troubleshoot 52 blank pages, troubleshoot print 46 Bluetooth security settings 93 setup 93 troubleshooting 60 both sides, print on 29 C calibrate color 37 camera 21 capacity tray 75 cards sizes supported 74 tray supporting 75 cartridges.

    Index tray capacity 75 media sizes supported 74 media types and weights supported 75 trays capacities 75 load media 15 locating 9 media sizes supported 74 paper guides illustration 9 troubleshoot blank pages printed 46 bleeding colors 52 Bluetooth 60 Bluetooth wireless communication devices 60 colors 51, 53 cut-off pages, incorrect text or graphics placement 47 firewalls 44 ink cartridge 45 ink not filling text or graphics 51 ink smearing 50 installation 58 lights are on or flashing 44 meaningless character.

    Page 4 Page 5 Contents 1 Get started Accessibility Page 6 Print photos Page 7 Contents Poor print quality and unexpected printouts Page 8 Printer specifications Page 10 6 Page 11 1 Get started This guide provides details about how to use the printer and how to resolve problems. Page 12 Chapter 1 HP is committed to helping customers reduce their environmental footprint. Page 14 Chapter 1 continued 6 Output door — Covers the output slot when the printer is not in use.

    Page 15 Printing supplies area 2 3 1 1 Front access cover — Provides access to the ink cartridges and for clearing paper jams. Page 16 Chapter 1 continued 3 Left ink cartridge light — Blinks when the left ink cartridge is absent or functioning incorrectly. Page 17 Select print media The printer is designed to work well with most types of office media. Page 19 vivid, print after print. Page 20 Chapter 1 Load standard-size media To load media Use these instructions to load standard media.