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How to transfer your data from BlackBerry 10 to iPhone

Hardware Install. Reloading using BlackBerry Link. Open the BlackBerry Link software.

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On the screen, find the device you're having problems with, then select it by clicking on it. See new menu options when Composing Email with standard BlackBerry email client.

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Can be called from screen menu or invoked using c-key shortcut. Stores items in Unfiled folder by default. Added ability to clear search field on BlackBerry with Escape key. Added color selection for desktop, List View, highlighted row. Adding Item while detail panel is hidden switches to Edit mode instead of View mode. Clicking on Cancel removes Item. Enhanced several desktop UI elements including View mode field spacing, details panel background color, bottom row button ordering. Added Logout button on Desktop. Improved importing from Illium eWallet.

Delete BlackBerry Link 1.2.1 Library Files, Caches & Preferences

Added extended trial sessions when trial period is over. Improved navigation on BlackBerry so that clicking on an item opens the details screen. The menu is still available by clicking on the BlackBerry key. Implemented Auto-Display to Tree View on BlackBerry so that when search list of items reduces to 1, the details screen is automatically displayed.

Implemented Logout button to Desktop. Implemented Import BlackBerry Memo feature. Fixed several bugs; initiate call from field with telephone number, tree view error message when clicking Escape in search field, etc. Scroll vertically down list of Items.

How to Synchronize Your BlackBerry to Your iPhone |

Scroll horizontally across fields. Implemented display mode on Desktop in addition to edit mode. Added ability to set or move directory in which the data file is stored.

Blackberry Link Backup and Update OS for MAC

Implemented screen keyboard as an alternative way to enter passwords. This is useful if you suspect that a key logger is active on your computer. Added ability to print items. Implemented user preference to display complete record automatically if your search list is reduced to 1 item. Added ability to initiate a call from a telephone number stored in DataVault for BlackBerry.

Improved Tree view so that only relevant categories and types are displayed as search list is reduced. Added user preference so that the Tree view on the Desktop defaults to Expanded, Collapsed or Last formation of tree branches. Implemented user preference on BlackBerry to search "By 1st characters" or "On String" of user input. Changed cursor focus on desktop so that you can start typing in search field on start-up.

Increased maximum length of Notes field to 10, characters. Added user preferences to manage synchronization conflict resolution. Changed Tree display order to alphabetical for categories, types and items. Added button to clear search field. List view now displays entries in alphabetical order on BlackBerry and desktop. Added option to remove toolbar from view in DataVault desktop to make more space for entries.

User Guide is now part of the installation executable and places PDF in right directory automatically so you can open it from the DataVault desktop. Improved usability of Import from CSV file. On the other hand, iCloud offers powerful desktop sync tools if you want your data available from a computer.

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As for your notes, Evernote is deeply integrated in the BlackBerry operating system and is available as a free app in the iPhone App Store. Enter your Apple username and password in their respective fields. In the server field, enter "caldav. Set the sync interval, and then tap "Done. In the server field, enter "contacts. Enter your Google username and password in their respective fields. In the server field, enter "google. Enter your Evernote username and password, and then tap "Next.

Select the notebooks you want to sync to your iPhone, and then tap the check box beside "Sync with Remember. Tap the "Evernote" icon on your iPhone home screen after installation is finished, and then sign in to your Evernote account. Notebooks you synced with Evernote on your BlackBerry are now available from the Evernote app on your iPhone. Jason Spidle is a technology enthusiast and writer.