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Most of the external hard disks and flash drives are formatted for Microsoft Windows operating systems. That makes using the drive a bit troublesome on Mac machines. Hope the above guide is helpful to you. Influenced by the startup culture in the Silicon Valley, Jessica loves building things from zero to one and is keen on following news related to the Big Five tech giants and many SaaS startups.

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Mine can only be formatted in NTFS. Thank you Jessica for the informative article. The article was easy to read and understand. The screen shots also helped. I sent my mother to your article since she is new to Mac OS. Good job once again, and keep informing us Novices. I have reformatted a Sandisk usb 2. I have a Mac I exported a screenflick movie to it.

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Afterwards the usb stick is not recognized by the mac. Now what? With the latest High Sierra on mac the ex-fat files system is not recognised on many devices, have had to return to fat 32 to use my memory sticks. Also files sizes over 2gb are also rejected. Tried 4 times, each time it came back Mac OS Extended journaled. Jessica, Thank you so much for the clarity and helpfulness of this article, your selflessness is an example to us all.

What do you recommend for this? Thanks for the great article, very useful. I do see one discrepancy.

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  • Are there newer variations of the FAT32 format that allow larger files and partition sizes? I never changed to Windows I do have occasion when I look at the flash drives on my computer; are you saying I will not be able to see them on the IPadPro? Infortunatly does not work, I had a exFat formatted drive and then Windows decided that it was a Raw drive…. Table of Contents.

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    Jessica Carrell. Thanks for the step-by-step. Worked just as you said! Very smart!! Powered by the Parse. I recently had a hard drive go out on my Mac.

    How to Do a Manual FAT or FAT32 Format

    I used one of the extra drives that my Windows machine did not need. I was able to copy all of the files without any curruption they were MP3 files and they played just fine. I am using MacOSX I tested it a little further and was also able to write files to the drive from Mac and read them on the Windows machine. Writing the files from the Mac did cause some extra files to be written other then the.

    How to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32 on Mac without Data Loss?

    I did some further testing. It will not read an NTFS partition. Writing to the drive from the Mac did not currupt any of the existing data but did create extra files. Good information for anyone switching from Windows to Mac. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Nothing new Authored by: gidds on Jan 02, '03 PM. Even works under os 9 Authored by: bakalite on Jan 02, '03 PM. Interoperability and FAT32 and firewire problems.

    Authored by: jelwell on Jan 03, '03 PM. Authored by: dave on Jan 10, '03 PM.

    How to Format a Large Hard Drive With FAT or FAT32

    Thanks for the insight! This could be just the thing I'm looking for..

    Item Too Large For Volume's Format Mac FIX

    Now, the thing is.. The real issue here is that when I opened his mac to look at the drive, it doesn't sat SCSI on it at all, and seems to use the built-in IDE and power cords that are part of the default G4. It wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have both my IDE and power plug taken up by my two drives, both of which need to access his 40 GB Any help would be appreciated! Thank you [ Reply to This ]. Search Advanced.

    The best ways to format an external drive for Windows and Mac

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