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Browser through, find what you want and click to download it to your PC. You can find the download guides for Android and iOS below along with some of the more frequently asked questions about TweakBox installer:. Are you going to try TweakBox on your PC?

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Sorry about the issue. TweakBox APK download is not available at the moment. Get alternative link here. Then use it on your Mac. If there is only one account on your computer, it is an Admin account. The account must have a password: if the account has no password, the sudo utility will fail. To set or change your password, go to the Accounts section in System Preferences.

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Homebrew is a package manager that makes installing open source programs much easier. In particular, trying to install a large program like Wine without the help of a package manager would be tremendously difficult. Fortunately, Homebrew itself is simple to install: just open up the Terminal and run this command:.

The Terminal will tell you what it's about to do, and ask you if you want to proceed: press Enter to do so. The Terminal may then ask for a password: this is the password to the Admin account on your computer. Type your password anyway, and press Enter. If you get some kind of error, it might be because the Admin account doesn't have a password set. Setting a password is required.

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Installing Homebrew should only take a few seconds or minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. When it's done, the Terminal will say that the installation was successful, and ask you to run brew doctor. Do as it suggests:. This will make Homebrew inspect your system and make sure that everything is set up correctly.

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If the Terminal informs you of any issues, you'll need to fix them yourself, and then run brew doctor again to verify that you fixed them correctly. When everything is set up correctly, you'll see the message Your system is ready to brew , and you can move on to the next part of the tutorial. Note: If Homebrew tells you that you need to agree to the Xcode license, you can do that by running:.

The Terminal window will fill up with the Xcode license: read it, type agree and hit enter to agree to the license. Wine needs XQuartz to install correctly, and Homebrew won't automatically pull in this dependency for you. However, we can easily ask Homebrew to install it by running the following command:. Let's break down this command into parts. A GUI application is an app that you can see running, as opposed to invisibly running in the background. We only need to include the word cask because XQuartz is a GUI application — by default, you use Homebrew to install applications that run on the command line, and don't have a graphical user interface.

When you run this command, Homebrew will install the Cask extension automatically, and then Homebrew Cask will download and install XQuartz for you. Lots of installers installing other installers! Homebrew will display messages and progress bars on the Terminal to let you know what it's doing.

When it's done installing XQuartz, it will stop displaying messages and wait for you to type in a new command. When that happens, move on to the next step! Now we get to actually install Wine! We'll let Homebrew do all the work, all you have to do is tell it what you want with this command:. You'll notice that this command is almost identical to the last one, except we're leaving out the word cask because Wine doesn't have a graphical user interface , and we're replaced xquartz with wine.

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When you run this command, Homebrew will start automatically downloading and installing software onto your computer. Wine needs several different pieces of software to run correctly, not just XQuartz, so Homebrew is going to first install those other dependencies before it installs Wine. Just as before, Homebrew will display messages and progress bars on the Terminal to let you know what it's doing. This step of the tutorial might be very quick, or it might take a long, long time.

You see, software like Wine normally needs to be compiled: transformed from human-readable source code into a form that a computer can use.

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This process usually takes a long time — for a program like Wine and all of its depedencies, it might take an hour or two, even for a fast, modern computer. However, the people who make Homebrew know that people don't like to wait, and they've pre-compiled most of the software available in Homebrew, including Wine. Your computer will automatically download the pre-compiled versions if it is able to, which will make the installation process go a lot faster. However, if your computer is in an unusual configuration, it may not be able to use the pre-compiled versions.

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If that's the case, it will have to compile the software for itself, which will still work, but it will take awhile. If you get an error message at this step that indicates that Homebrew has accidentally downloaded a file that is empty or incorrect, you can delete Homebrew's downloaded files by running brew cleanup. Then try running this step again, and Homebrew will redownload the file — hopefully correctly!

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