Excel for mac keeps crashing

MS Office Mac keep freezing

If PowerPoint keeps crashing on your Mac, this tutorial has a few methods for fixing it. It will work on Word, Excel and Outlook too.

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Microsoft may not be our first choice for running on a Mac but most companies use Office or Office so we often have no choice. They should get it up and running again.

If you see a lot of apps running, close some of them down. Check your Dock if you find it easier.

Mac for Excel Keeps Crashing - Microsoft Community

You can also use Activity Monitor in Applications and Utilities. In theory, there is no maximum file size for PowerPoint. You can use huge images, long videos and whatever media you like in a presentation. In reality, the larger the file sizes within the presentation, the harder your Mac has to work to render it. It may just be too large for your Mac to cope with.

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  8. Updates are the bane of the app generation but we are where we are. Visit this page on the Microsoft website for up to date instructions on updating Office apps on a Mac. Checking for Updates from the Help menu was not working. Here is how you do it. You should now be back in business and be able to download and install the updates. You can always try downloading the AutoUpdate 3.


    If not, then you can give the DNS entries a try. Andre Da Costa. The DNS trick made it instantaneously. But how can it be so f… stupid?

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    And how did you have the idea to investigate there? Great job: : :. I have been noticing for weeks now OS X seems to be throttling my network downloads. In fact, I have been unable to download El Capitan because of this. I thought, since its affecting downloads, it must be something to do with how its connecting the Internet. Came across Googles DNS solution. That worked!

    It seems as if they were doing that on purpose so that we would adopt the always up to date version. Anyways, thank you so much for saving me with this problem! This worked for me! I was unable to load Word after upgrading to osx Now everything has downloaded, installed, and is running perfectly! Thank you :. This is fantastic!

    Quick Fix for Microsoft Excel for macOS 10.14 Crashing

    I found no solution that worked till I happened on this! Joan Dempsey. I should let users know, if you join another network, these settings might be reset, so you will have apply them again.

    My excel on my Mac keeps crashing even after instaling

    Much thanks!! Yeah, works a treat, thanks. This seemed to have works for excel and powerpoint, thank you! Any ideas? Thanks for solving it! When I added the DNS numbers it deleted all of my others. Clicking on apps, it says I have no new updates! Now how do I get back my old DNS addresses? Help Please? Is not working for me on Office Sad face. The response of Cannot Connect to Server does take a half-second longer than before. Smiley face. I am considering uninstalling and then repurposing one of my licenses to reinstall.

    This does not work for me.. Andrew Jacobs.