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In December , the source code was made available to the public under the terms of a Zlib like license. In March with the 0. Also in , a non-commercial clause [6] [7] was added to the software license of Teeworlds which made it incompatible with the Free software definition and the Open source definition. Since August 29, , the creator and developer, Magnus Auvinen made development and forum moderation public to a community of selected volunteers.

With the 0. Teeworlds was released on Steam on August 24, The latest version 0. Because Teeworlds is open-source , a community actively develops it, using GitHub [14] with the main developer known as Oy. As Teeworlds source code is being public, many fan programmers can create their own versions of the game " forks " , which generally has a strong influence on the game and its further development. Many players are attracted to the endless possibilities of changing the game to suit their own benefits. Slightly modified game servers are accepted by the official game, as long as they broadcast that they are.

Most of the modified server versions feature new gametypes. Modified game clients are commonly used by the community. The game includes a map editor , which is a simple tool to create own maps with. Many user created maps include their own tilesets that are downloaded with the maps from the game server Teeworlds uses simple image files for most of the games's graphical content. A guide is located here. Sorry I've used source. I've managed to compile it but I get an error when I launch it:. Ok I managed to fixe it: needed to make a windowed mode rather than fullscreen in setting. Just few notes for others trying to compile: you can use lates xcode with SDK You need to specify this in the bam.

Also you would need to add a path to your SDK. Hey, just a reminder that the distributed client isn't stand-alone you should extract it in a Teeworlds folder. Currently installed 2 official extensions. Skip to forum content Teeworlds Forum Everything Teeworlds! You are not logged in. Please login or register.

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Not Luck, Just Magic. Friendly Tee Member Offline. Dherian New member Offline. Updated the first page. Easily customization through LUA mods.

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Lack of mobs. Rodney's Experience. Open Source.

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No weather. FriendlyConand's Experience. Built for plugins from the beginning.

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Minecraft mod ecosystem separate from Minetest. WonderfulCeuthonymus's Experience. Cross Platform. Certain graphics are really bad. SpiritedBenzaiten's Experience. Fewer griefers than Minecraft. WonderfulNane's Experience. Runs Fast and Clean. Recommend 57 My Rec ommendation for Zero-K.

My Recommendation for Zero-K. Expansive tech tree. Bad visual design. Rafael Social User's Experience. Multiplayer online battles. Flat balance. VigilantTohil's Experience. Flat tech tree. Cross-platform game. Awesome graphical effects. Recommend 28 3. My Rec ommendation for Endless Sky. My Recommendation for Endless Sky. Multiple ways to play different mods. Boring mid-late game. EfficientTuireann's Experience. Steam Rating: Very Positive.

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Open source. The sky isn't endless. RickZeeland's Experience. Simple, yet interesting gameplay. Story is not being worked on. Poor dev team. LikableIllapa's Experience. Low system requirements. Good art.

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Complex, detailed, and long story. Active development with frequent releases. Fairly easy to mod. Community contribution. When you miss Escape Velocity. Low system requirments.

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Recommend 25 1. My Rec ommendation for Teeworlds.

My Recommendation for Teeworlds. All 9. Runs well even on weaker hardware. Weird net-code. Engaging and motivated community. Easy to pick up but hard to master. Tons of mods and maps. Available from Steam and in Linux distributions.

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Usually populated servers. Very fun and engaging gameplay. Recommend 27 My Rec ommendation for OpenRA. My Recommendation for OpenRA. All 5. Modern improved recreation of the classic game. In a grey zone. CharmingNessus's Experience. Fosters creativity.