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Unnecessary files, including cache, cookies, language files and old updates can slow down your whole system, as they take more and more space. The simplest way to get rid of them is to use a dedicated app like CleanMyMac X. To quickly delete useless files on your Mac, follow the steps:. As you can see, setting your default web browser in macOS is very easy — choosing which browser to use maybe less so.

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April 23, Updated: March 25, Here we'll cover just what they are and how you can customize them to make your web browsing experience a more enjoyable one. Individual Website Settings One of the most welcome new changes in Safari 11 is the ability to customize a range of settings for individual websites. Once these options are set up for a site, Safari applies them automatically so you don't have to bother with them again.

Here's how. Navigate to a site you frequently visit.

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Alternatively, click Safari in the menu bar and you'll see the same option under Preferences. Select your preferences from the drop-down pane that appears below the address bar to control how the website behaves, either by checking the boxes or selecting a setting from the available options. Safari's built-in Reader mode strips online articles of extraneous web page furniture to make them more readable. Reader is usually enabled by clicking an icon that sometimes appears in the far left of the address bar, but you can check "Use Reader when available" to switch to this by default.

The box next to "Enable content blockers" lets you set whether to activate any ad-blocking extensions you may have installed, while the Page Zoom setting lets you adjust the size that website fonts and images display, allowing you to make them easier to read and navigate. With the Auto-Play setting, you can prevent websites from playing video the moment you visit a page, which should make browsing a lot less infuriating.

Google Chrome for Mac OSX – Changing fonts

The last three options in the preferences pane let you choose whether to allow or deny the site access to your Mac's camera and microphone, and whether to enable location detection. If your preference is likely to change from time to time for these, set them to "Ask", and Safari will query you whenever access is requested by the site. Safari Website Preferences Tab Helpfully, Apple has added a new tab to Safari preferences for you to keep track of your individual website settings.

You can access it at any time by clicking "Preferences" In the Safari menu bar and selecting the Websites tab. Here you'll find lists of websites that are currently open as well as ones you've customized in the past, categorized by individual settings, where you easily can adjust them. You'll also see an additional setting in the General column listing your preference for websites you've visited that have prompted you about receiving Notifications. Some learning management systems require plugins to be installed to fully support secure exams taken with SEB, others have built-in support.

There are two options how to activate SEB support in Moodle. Both achieve the above objectives 1 and 2. Only the second option also ensures objective 3 is met:. Sometimes hiding course navigation, link to the user's Moodle profile, logout etc. If this happens only with your customized theme and not the standard Moodle theme, then your theme is not implemented correctly.

In that case you should fix the problem in your custom Moodle theme. You may also create URL filter rules which only allow to access the exam and no other parts of Moodle, but this is not trivial and we cannot provide you with any support on that.

Click on the "Privacy" tab

You may find additional information and help in the discussion boards for SEB and Moodle. The assessment mode allows course authors to limit the functionality and access of OpenOLAT courses for exam settings. One of the many security features is the enforced usage of Safe Exam Browser. An exam setting can be configured with multiple Browser Exam Key keys.

Do you need pop-ups on your Mac? Here's how to enable them

No additional software needs to be installed in order to use the assessment mode together with Safe Exam Browser. Within the courses the configuration is done in the course menu. More information and a video tutorial about the assessment mode. You can download the DMG disk image file here. If it doesn't get mounted, just double click on the downloaded file.

Then drag the SEB application to the Applications folder you can drop it on the alias icon in the mounted volume. Make sure you don't have another SEB version 2.

How to change security preferences allow installation Mac OS X OS Sierra

When you start SEB, all currently running applications are hidden and all attached screens are covered with a black background. On the main screen SEB opens its web browser window filling the whole screen the window can be resized and moved nevertheless. Optionally you can use a full screen presentation or customize the relative or absolute width, height and horizontal positioning of the SEB main browser window and separately for secondary browser windows.

Cmd-R reloads the current page. Quitting SEB can and should in most cases be password protected in its settings. SEB for macOS has a comfortable built-in editor for the platform-independent SEB configuration files, which can also set all additional individual settings for the Windows version. Invoke it by selecting Preferences… in the SafeExamBrowser menu if visible , by simultaneously pressing the Cmd - , comma keys, or the F3 and F6 keys on modern Mac keyboards you usually also have to hold the fn key.

After setting a SEB administrator password , users have to enter this to display the preferences window. SEB for macOS can also be configured not to display the preferences window at all, this could make sense on exam client computers. While the preferences window is displayed, switching to other running initially hidden applications is possible and the screen background isn't blacked out. Also the menu bar is displayed, so SEB menu commands can be used.

You can also drag and drop. In the preferences window 9 tabs with grouped settings are available.

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There are two different modes in which you can edit settings:. You can switch from editing local client settings to editing a settings file with the commands:. You can switch from editing a settings file to local client settings with:. When closing the Preferences window, SEB asks if edited settings should be saved if you were editing a. SEB also asks if those edited settings should be applied.

If you answer Don't Apply , then edited settings are discarded and SEB continues using settings which were in place before opening the Preferences window. More information about this you can find in the how to use SEB 2. Detail description of all parameters in the preferences window panes follows below. You can also use tool tips move the mouse pointer over a button, text field or other control in the Preferences window to get a short explanation for the function of the according setting option.

You can get out of the preferences windows using one of the three buttons described below:. You can also exit SEB while applying changed settings using the item Apply and Restart SEB in the Settings menu menu bar or the context menu in the Preferences window title bar clicking the triangle symbol.

Starting SEB version 2. Instead, either deploy and open a. Do you want to continue working with SEB now or quit?

As an alternative, you can use the new pre-configuration feature when deploying SEB on managed systems which works similar like in SEB for Windows and doesn't require user interaction :. SEB then reconfigures itself silently no user feedback to the settings in that file. After that, the file is deleted if SEB has write access to it.